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Why create an account ?

Create an account on will offer several advantages during future transactions.

Indeed, a purchase made ​​from your account allows you to get your order tracking number, which will allow you to "follow" the stat of this command (validation, shipping, etc.).

You will also have the ability to save multiple shipping addresses for your orders, for example giving a gift to a third party.


How to create an account ?

Simply go to the home page , and click on the "My Account or connection" tab. You are then redirected to a login form , which also appears a "register" tab.

You enter the required information in the form above, and then click on "SUBMIT".



What payment methods can I use ?

Several payment options available: Paypal ( secure online payment ), check, bank transfer or credit card. Payment by credit card is secured via BNB Paribas, and allow you to make purchases with confidence and be delivered much faster than if you opt for a payment by check.

How can I pay by check?

Payment by check has the disadvantage that we can not confirm and validate the order upon receipt thereof , which tends to delay delivery .

However, if you still want to pay by check. Simply send a check for the exact amount of your cart (including shipping costs), and write your order number on the back of the check.



Can I be delivered outside metropolitan France ? in addition to metropolitan France and DOM-TOM, is able to make deliveries in all European countries. An increase in the amount of postage is however expected for shipments abroad.


How can i calculate the shipping costs ?

The amount of shipping is of course not fixed for deliveries outside mainland France, and is based on the total weight of the ordered products ( the surcharge for deliveries outside metropolis is also variable , and takes into account the distance between the stock of the final delivery address ) . Be aware that the shipping costs are offered from 80 € ht control for the city.


Delivery of your order

Product packaging is damaged, what should I do?

If you notice a deterioration on the product packaging upon opening the package , please contact us so that we can all identify provisions that need to be on your side as ours.


The product does not match my expectations

According to legislation , you are entitled to return the parcel if it is found that the product is defective or does not match your expectations.

To exercise this right of withdrawal , you must , however, observe a period of 14 days to return the package and return the complete product in original packaging it so that we can make a full refund of your order.

You can find more information about this in the "Satisfied or refunded and product return" tab at the bottom of the page .



Why comment on a product ?

By leaving a comment on a product , you provide constructive feedback not only for our team but also for our future customers who will view your notes to be sure of making the right decision. You also have the possibility of recommending a product on Facebook , Google+ and Twitter, and thus share a tip or a gift idea to a friend!


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By subscribing to our newsletter , you will be kept informed by email of the arrival of new products in our shop, the news of our company, and will also receive coupon codes to argue on future orders.

A free and convenient service , so do not hesitate!


How do I subscribe to the newsletter?

To subscribe to the newsletter , simply enter your email address in the field indicated footer named "NEWSLETTER".

Your contact will be automatically added to our mailing list.

Other questions

How do I contact you?

You can contact us by phone at: 09 52 01 14 77 Monday to Friday (9-12h / 14h-18h), or by E-mail :